A Treatise on Encouragement of Bandwagons, Posers, and Fake Geeks

There are many people that judge others for seeming to bandwagon and be a poser. Sometimes they may even be right about thinking someone is a fake geek boy or girl. However, in my opinion, they are wrong to ridicule and should instead encourage the poser to love things even more. When you act as a gate keeper for a given hobby, you diminish the chances of bonding over it. If you instead talk about why you like the particular thing and even make friendly suggestions about it, you may end up with a romantic or platonic relationship with another thing that makes it last.
I myself have been the fake geek girl when it comes to certain interests. Recently, I have started playing Pokémon Go. However, I never watched the anime and know nothing about Pokémon really. I tried it because my boyfriend and others that he knows do it. So in essence I am doing it to be more appealing to a guy. But I found that I genuinely like it. I find each Pokémon to be interesting. I can’t wait to catch them all. Because I feel this way, he can hunt Pokémon on our dates with enthusiasm from me instead of whining. There are other things that I have embraced because of being allowed to dip my toes into it as much as I like without being interrogated about my budding interest. He has reciprocated by giving my interests a try when I give him non-judgmental suggestions to do so. This is the way it should be.